Social Prescribing with Community Plus here in the Valleys Primary Care Network

Wednesday, 24 February 2021
Social Prescribing with Community Plus here in the Valleys Primary Care Network

Social Prescribing gives people the opportunity to talk about things that ‘matter to you’. Many things can affect our health and well-being, which can include feeling isolated, lonely or stressed by work, money and housing issues or living with a health condition.

Our Social Prescribing Link Worker Jennifer Strickland will listen to what matters to you, connect you to local groups and activities, provide you with relevant  information, help you to have more control over your own health and well-being and help you to improve how you feel.

Since April 2020 we have supported 351 patients through social prescribing by connecting them to local groups and activities, providing information about resources and services in the Valley’s, supported people to overcome barriers to living independently and helped people to live better with their health conditions and mental well-being.

We have adapted how we support patients by having telephone or video appointments and connecting people to online activities and resources. We have also supported patients whose lives have been impacted by covid-19, this has included bereavement, anxiety, fear of going out of the house, financial and work related. Examples of how our Social Prescribing Link Worker has supported patients include:

  • Matched a patient with a volunteer who now accompanies them to the supermarket and helps them to do their own shopping
  • Connected a patient to a local walking for well-being group. The patient now feels less lonely and isolated and feels confident to walk independently
  • Patients becoming volunteers themselves in areas such as food banks, and with a local homeless charity
  • Matched a patient who had been diagnosed with a severe visual impairment following an illness, with a volunteer from a charity who supported them to use voice activation commands on their phone. The patient now attends the charity’s online social groups.

Our Social Prescribing Link Worker works closely with locally based groups and organisations situated in the Valley’s and has a good understanding of what is available locally, so we can help patients to find what best suits them, close to where they live.


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