Physio First

What is the Physio First Service? 

Our Physio First service allows you to go directly to a Physiotherapist without seeing your doctor. The First Contact Practitioners are physiotherapists with enhanced skills. They will help you with musculoskeletal issues by: 

  • assessing and diagnosing your issues
  • giving you expert advice on how best to manage your conditions e.g. prescribe a programme of exercises
  • referring you onto specialist services if necessary e.g. blood tests, X-ray, rheumatology or orthopaedics 

Who Should Visit the Physio First Service? 

Patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) complaints such as back, neck and joint pain, including conditions such as arthritis. 

How Do I Make An Appointment? 

Our Physio First Service is available across The Valleys Primary Care Network. You can see the Physio First Physiotherapist by speaking to your GP practice receptionist or by being referred by your GP.

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